Toblerone, Nutella and vanilla flavour doughnut cake being eaten by young couple who had donut cakes delivered to home by Doughnut Time
covid lockdown doughnut cake
toblerone doughnut cake
covid lockdown doughnut cake

F*CK Covid Doughnut Cake

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F*CK COVID! We're all sick of lockdown, and hearing the word *dare I say it* C%ViD!

Let’s fight this together with a Nutella syringe 💉, DT toilet paper,  and a f*ck covid doughnut cake 🎂

With delicious Toblerone pieces, chocolate and vanilla glaze, Nutella syringes and picnic pieces, this doughnut cake is the best thing since sliced bread!

Our cake is 10 inches in size and serves 1-8 people - we make no judgements on serving size!

📍 Only AVAILABLE IN QLD both online and in-store pick up (but must order ahead of time)

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